Jomari Goyso involved in negative criticism for commenting on a tattooed child

The fashion expert Jomari Goyso recently shared a video on his profile on the social network of the camera to talk about the appearance of a little boy who has gone viral on various platforms, because he is shown with his body full of tattoos, although they are temporary.

“Have a say, parents! I think it’s very easy to judge someone who does something you wouldn’t do.. But neither could a boy be blue and a girl a pink dress because she is a girl, because I have learned in life that patterns and stereotypes all they do is lose us,” he began by saying in the video he shared on Instagram.

Is it okay for parents to transform their children depending on what they think is the best way? I know that many are going to tell me that I can’t speak because I don’t have children, but that’s not the point, the point is the stereotypes that are instilled in children from a young age… we never let them do what they are”, added the Spaniard .

Internet users took a few seconds of their time to talk about the audiovisual that undoubtedly caught the attention of many to see such a small child with his apparently marked skin. However, A user criticized Jomari’s position after her sexual orientation.

You wouldn’t put pink because it’s a girl and not blue because it’s a boy, it’s because you’re gay and you defend that”, “That’s mistreatment by God, that hurts”, “Now you want to look good with everyone, being neutral makes us be people without common sense“”, “Well, the tattoo thing to decide when I’m older”, “For me it’s not right because you play the role of father in the way you think”, “Thank God they are temporary”, “We neither read nor listen , what things with us thinking beings”, “He is a child, it is his body, he has not decided to tattoo it”, were some of the reactions that were registered.

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