Francisca and Jomari Goyso star in a new disagreement over the style of the Dominican

Francisca and Jomari Goyso have had a new disagreement. This time it was for an accessory that the Dominican presenter wore in ‘Despierta América’, because she loves the way it looks on her and helps to highlight her figure and Goyso doesn’t think she should wear it.

The accessory that caused the dispute was a nude-colored belt with which the Dominican adjusted the beautiful multicolored dress that she wore on this occasion in “Despierta América” ​​to her waist. The video of the moment was published by Francisca herself.

There she is seen wearing her outfit and Goyso appearing to remove her belt, when she protested and said that it looked like ‘a cow’, the fashion and beauty specialist returned to put it on as she wanted it.

When publishing the video, the Dominican asked her audience how they would wear that beautiful, very colorful dress: with or without a belt. Netizens were quick to react and give him their opinion.

“That type of dress is to be worn without a strap, that’s why it’s wide,” “According to Jomari”, “Definitely without a leash or with a thinner leash”, “Without a belt or a thinner one”, “That strap doesn’t match that dress! Without a strap it does not fit you well, it would have to be a thinner one of a different style ”, “Before Jomari arrived I thought he has to take off his belt”“I would wear it loose without a strap, comfort above all” and “Okay, it’s another style, but comfortable and cute” are part of those messages.

Your words of reflection

A few days ago, the Dominican host expressed a few words that could invite her fans to reflect.

“Adversity awakens talents that in prosperity would have fallen asleep. So breathe!” was the message that he shared on this occasion when posing from the set of the Univision program.

On this occasion, the driver boasted a look of high black pants and a flowered shirt where green predominates among the details of nature. Her hair stole some of the attention with her updo, highlighting her natural curls on top.

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