Yailin La Más Viral’s sister says she saved her from her own mother and accuses her of sending someone to steal

Mami Kim is the sister of Yailin La Más Viral. She is also a star in Dominican Republic. However, she has been away from her ex for some time now anuel aa. Some indicate that he was the singer of urban genre the one that inadvertently caused the break between the sisters. The truth is that the woman made strong accusations about the mother of both and the singer herself trap.

Some time ago we confirmed that the mother of Yailin was living with her, helping her with cattleya, his daughter. However, Mommy Kim just said that she practically saved her from living with her mother.

“When that girl’s father died, they took her to live with my mother and my mother was a life wreck. I had to bring it to live in my house and I practically stole it. And guess who she’s holding hands with. The one he kicked her out of the house with, the one he didn’t let her go to school with. Because if it were us, we wouldn’t have become literate…”assured Mommy Kim.

Also, the sister of Yailin The Most Viral, Also born in the Dominican Republic, she says that everything had to be done to at least give her sister a better life. “I had to cu *** to pay for her school so that she would go with her snack for school and everything. There if nobody says anything”he added.

Yailin La Más Viral is accused of wanting to rob someone

The Mommy Kim he said during the interview that his sister had argued with someone else. Apparently someone well known. It was not clear if she was referring to the interpreter of the “Legends Never Die” and “Richer Than Yesterday”.

This would put the ex of anuel aa and eternal rival of Carol G. in a compromising situation. Let’s remember that not long ago, both she and her sister were reported for allegedly having physically assaulted an influencer inside a hairdresser.

“When your trouble started with your bird, you even wanted to send it to rob it to take away the chain rag that you gave it because you’re like that if people don’t support you, your vagabondage is against you, sending my account down was the drop,” he said. Mommy Kim.

Mami Kim pointed out for talking about Yailin

Other influencers and broadcasters have spoken of the controversy between the sisters. The Mommy Kim She is singled out again for ventilating the supposed intimacies of her family. Furthermore, the model of onlyfans He also posted some stories on his Twitter account. instagramin which he lapped to the chivirika of being friends with her ex.

In the image you can see the interpreter of Just you and me and “If You Seek Me” among friends dancing and in the background you can see her sister’s supposed ex-boyfriend. “If I was the one who appeared in a video behind Anuel, I would be the worst. But here I see my ex with her even as a driver and nobody says anything Lastly, hypocrisy. Which of all cell phones or instagram you will take to argue with you because you can no longer use mine”.

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