China Mobile International and Huawei Cloud International Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

China Mobile International and Huawei Cloud International Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On March 26, 2018, China Mobile International Limited (CMI) and Huawei Cloud International held the marking service of a vital collaboration understanding in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Li Feng, Chairman, and CEO of CMI and Mr. Wu Weitao, President of Huawei’s Southeast Asia Region both went to the service. The collaboration is gone for solidifying cloud-arrange cooperative energy participation to build up the Southeast Asia showcase.

Southeast Asia is an area that has great high potential for financial improvement. CMI and Huawei Cloud International will use their separate points of interest and lead the pack in creating cloud-arrange collaboration participation in Southeast Asia, giving one-stop, astounding cloud+connection administrations for extensive ventures with cross-outskirt business prerequisites. This participation enables endeavors to accomplish simple movement to the cloud and gives secure and dependable worldwide availability. Improvement territories incorporate general society cloud stage, cloud association stage, hybrid cloud, and IDC.

56 - China Mobile International and Huawei Cloud International Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

“Concentrating on client necessities and giving the best system is our unremitting interest. While choosing key accomplices, we center around their advancement capacities, R&D quality, and potential for nonstop interest in future advances. As a main cloud benefit mark, HUAWEI CLOUD gives clients secure and dependable cloud administrations equipped for feasible advancement utilizing driving edge cloud technology R&D abilities and worldwide on the web and disconnected administrations. CMI has 25 purposes of the essence (POPs) and 4 self-assembled submarine links (SJC, APG, CSCN, and TSE-1) in Southeast Asia. Likewise, CMI is a key member in the development of SJC2 submarine link, and its data center benefit fortresses traverse six mainlands. By utilizing assets and specialized abilities, the cloud+connection benefits mutually propelled by the two gatherings will meet cross-outskirt business necessities of endeavors, making an incentive for government and undertaking clients in Southeast Asia,” said Dr. Li Feng, Chairman, and CEO of CMI, at the marking function.

Mr. Wu Weitao, President of Huawei’s Southeast Asia Region, said “CMI has rich assets in a worldwide submarine and earthbound links, POPs, and data centers. It likewise has imaginative cloud availability and a focused multi-cloud biological community. By sending HUAWEI CLOUD on CMI’s multi-cloud biological community and Cloud Connect stage, clients can encounter one-stop HUAWEI cloud+connection administrations. The blend of CMI’s worldwide system and Huawei’s deft open cloud assets will help Chinese-subsidized undertakings to rapidly go worldwide and help outside supported ventures to rapidly bring their business into Southeast Asia. Moreover, the two gatherings will help nearby undertakings in Southeast Asia rapidly accomplish business development and change to meet consistently changing business sector prerequisites. We want to effectively create accomplices, consistently contribute, and manufacture an endeavor class cloud biological community, sharing our accepted procedures and giving the best-specialized answers for clients in Southeast Asia.”

CMI and Huawei Cloud International will additionally grow benefit scope and increment benefit spryness to convey first-rate cloud administrations.

CMI proceeds to effectively advance worldwide network and give solid help to the Belt and Road Initiative. As an industry pioneer, CMI claims the earthly link assets in the Mekong locale and is taking an interest in the development of the SJC2 submarine link. The link connects to 11 landing stations in Asia and is relied upon to be finished in the final quarter of 2020. CMI is exclusively in charge of the development of two landing stations for the SJC2 submarine link in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The SJC2 link will altogether improve the transmission transfer speed limit in Asia.

About China Mobile International Limited

China Mobile International Limited (CMI) is an entirely claimed auxiliary of China Mobile. China Mobile is presently the biggest telecom administrator on the planet by arranging scale and endorser base and is among the best as far as market capitalization and brand esteem. With a specific end goal to give better administrations to take care of the developing demand in the global broadcast communications advertise, China Mobile set up an auxiliary, CMI, in December 2010, for the most part in charge of the task of universal business. Utilizing the solid help by China Mobile, CMI gives a full scope of complete worldwide media communications administrations which incorporates IDD, wandering, Internet, MNC administrations and Value Added Business over the globe.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, CMI has extended our impression in 20 nations crosswise over various locales and has proficient group in eight noteworthy nations in Southeast Asia.


HUAWEI CLOUD is a world-class cloud specialist organization offering versatile and solid figuring, stockpiling, system and security administrations for endeavors hoping to change their organizations at their own particular pace while bringing down operational costs, enhancing business spryness, and improving tasks.

HUAWEI CLOUD is focused on helping medium-and expansive measured endeavors address their issues experiencing in cloud change. It is likewise constantly prepared to help little and medium-sized ventures develop and advance their future. HUAWEI CLOUD invites organizations with worldwide organizations that will create inventive arrangements and make esteems for clients and accomplices.

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