Yoga for Computer Users: The Side-Angled Stretch

Stand straight towards the wall and stretch the toes about three to 4 toes aside. Inhale and lift arms as much as shoulder stage, palms down. Level proper foot to the best and barely flip in left foot. Bend proper knee to type a proper angle, with thigh parallel to the ground and the shin vertical. The knee ought to be instantly above the ankle. Stretch the again leg and tighten the knee.

pexels photo 3822284 - Yoga for Computer Users: The Side-Angled Stretch

Exhale and stretch proper hand all the way down to relaxation on flooring behind proper foot. Flip head to search for and press left hip flat towards wall with left hand. A robust pull ought to be felt all alongside the left facet. Once you really feel snug, stretch the left arm up and press it towards your ear in order that from left heel to left hand the physique is stretched and prolonged. Maintain this place for a gradual depend of 10, ensuring that higher shoulder, hip and bent knee are pressed towards the wall. Inhale and return to beginning place. Exhale and repeat on left.

Advantages: This posture produces general well being. It tones each muscle, tendon and joint within the physique. The guts is revitalized and strengthened, and, if crooked, the backbone is stretched and realigned. The hip joints, which might weaken with age, change into stronger and extra versatile. The neck is stretched and made extra versatile, easing the ache of stiff, tense muscle tissues and spondylosis. Thighs, hips and waist are firmed. Even digestion is improved.

Keep in mind to lie down and chill out after your yoga observe. Rest after exercising helps the physique to get better, regulates the move of blood, and calms and soothes the thoughts. That method you do not really feel drained however refreshed and invigorated.

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