Basic Sitting Postures with Benefits

JANU SIRSASANA: Appropriate foot placement

Sit up with legs evenly prolonged in entrance. Bend the precise leg on the knee and place the foot in order that the heel is in the precise groin and the entrance of the foot touches the left thigh. Flip the foot in order that the underside of the foot is dealing with upward and press the knee again to type an obtuse angle with the physique. This place will probably be tough at first; do not pressure it. Put a folded blanket beneath the knee and likewise beneath the hips. Regularly the knee will transfer farther again. Simply preserve the foot accurately positioned.

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JANU SIRSASANA: Appropriate, excellent posture

Having positioned the foot and knee accurately, stretch the left leg out, protecting the leg firmly on the mat. Settle the heel firmly and stretch the toes up. (The heel ought to pull gently away from the ankle.) Now inhale and bend ahead over the straight leg, catching the foot with each fingers if attainable. Newbies ought to bend solely so far as they’ll with out rounding the again. When this posture is finished accurately and fully, the physique will roll ahead over the prolonged leg, completely flat from the tail bone to the top. Keep there respiratory usually for so long as you possibly can. Inhale, launch the handhold, come up easily, straighten the bent leg and calm down. Repeat on different facet.

JANU SIRSASANA: Flawed posture

The heel shouldn’t be positioned towards its personal thigh. The knee has not been pushed again so far as attainable to type an obtuse angle. The again is humped and curved as a result of the pelvis is jammed and unable to elevate correctly. As an alternative of a clean, full stretching of the backbone, the lumbar is over-stretched and the remainder of the backbone constricted. The left leg shouldn’t be flat on the ground.

TRIANG MUKHAIPADA PASCHIMOTTANASANA: Sitting, forward-bending pose over one leg

This posture typically follows the earlier one. Sit together with your legs stretched in entrance. Bend the precise leg in order that the precise foot is close to the precise hip. The toes ought to level again. The precise calf presses towards the precise thigh. The physique will tilt on this place so put a small folded towel beneath the left buttock to maintain the hips degree and the ahead stretch even and prolonged. Maintain the left foot with each fingers, inhale and bend ahead, protecting each knees collectively as you stretch ahead over the straight leg. Many college students will discover it tough on this place to even grasp the foot of the outstretched leg. Don’t despair. Simply maintain the knee, shin or ankle, and sit, respiratory deeply, in whichever place represents your finest extension. If the again is tight and the backbone rigid, this may take time. Launch the maintain and straighten the bent leg. Repeat on the opposite facet.

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