Department of Ophthalmology

    The Department of Ophthalmology aims to provide good quality patient care to all sections of the society along with teaching and hands on training of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the near future. We are also pursuing interdisciplinary research in collaboration with other departments. The Department of Ophthalmology currently provides Out Patient services, O.T. services and In Patient services.

  • Doctor Name Position
    Department of Ophthalmology
    Dr. Sumeet Khanduja Associate Professor
    Dr. Bhawna Piplani Assistant Professor
    Dr. Rouli Sud Assistant Professor
    Dr. Apoorv Gupta Senior Resident
    Dr. Apoorav Gupta Senior Resident
    Dr. Sapna Junior Resident
  • Out Patient Services:

    On OPD basis we are currently providing the following services:

    • Management of anterior and posterior segment disorders
    • Refraction
    • Fundus Examination
    • Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus services
    • Glaucoma services
    The Department currently has state of the art equipment including:
    • A-scan and B-scan Ultrasound for accurate calculation of intraocular lenses power and diagnosis of vitreoretinal disorders
    • Nd-YAG Laser for management of posterior capsule opacification (after cataract) and laser treatment for glaucoma
    • Automated Perimeter for diagnosis of glaucoma and neurological disorders

    In Patient Services:
    • Suture less cataract surgery by phacoemusification with implantation of foldable intraocular lens
    • Glaucoma surgeries
    • Management of patients with ocular and adnexal trauma

    Future plans:
    • Paediatric cataract, glaucoma and strabismus surgeries.
    • Retinal interventions including lasers and surgeries.
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